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Ezra Arthur Horsehide Razor Strop - 3 Inch Black

SKU: EzraArthur_CS3022


  • Ezra Arthur is the only destination for specialty handcrafted lifestyle products made with exceptional care and selectively chosen and tested American-sourced materials.
  • The Horsehide Razor Strop in Natural by Ezra Arthur is a stylish and timeless way to keep your straight-edge razor sharp.
  • Featuring Russet Horsehide leather from Horween Leather Tannery, this strop is a luxury item for the refined and traditional man.
  • Horsehide leather from Horween Leather Tannery | Solid brass Chicago screws
  • Lining: 100% cotton-linen canvas strop


Ezra Arthur is owned by four brothers, honoring their grandfather’s name by crafting lifestyle accessories worthy of everything he stood for.

There are keepsakes a man collects throughout his lifetime. These heirloom pieces are stashed away for future generations, hidden in a top drawer or forgotten in a glovebox. Ezra Arthur creates artifacts worthy of discovery – from father to son, passed down from one generation to the next.