About us



While visiting our site we hope you can escape your daily routine for a moment and feel transported to an upscale boutique in gorgeous Park Slope Brooklyn where the product offering is carefully curated and the sound of stress is blissfully distant.


Here at Alrossa, we believe that the banalities of everyday can be elevated into something magical.


Supper can be transformed into a fancy dinner with beautiful wine glasses and intricate tableware.  The bath can be the next best thing to a soothing spa treatment by adding bath bombs, elixirs, soaks, and candles.  Cleaning and food prep can go from a chore to a labor of love with unique and innovative accessories. The possibilities are endless.


We seek out items that are unique and lend a special feeling when used. It’s your body, it’s your home - it should feel special.


Take some time to look around and share your thoughts with us - we’d love to hear them.



Team Alrossa