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Loison. Veneziana Mandarino. 550g (19.4oz)

Brand: Loison
SKU: Loison_361


  • Loison. Veneziana Mandarino with late mandarin from Ciaculli and 4 spices
  • Veneziana Mandarino con mandarino tardivo di Ciaculli e 4 spezie selezionate
  • One Veneziana of 550g (19.4oz)
  • Product of Italy



Tranquillo Loison was born on July 30th, 1908, in Monticello Conte Otto, a small town on the outskirts of Vicenza. At a young age, he begins working as a baker and, when he is just seventeen, he compiles his firstrecipes: on a small blue notebook, he jots down the ingredients needed to make bread, cookies and a few simple traditional cakes.