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ALGOLOGIE ARMOR · FRANCE Hydra Ecume - Velvety Cleansing Milk 200 ML - 6.76 oz

SKU: Algologie_VNA100


  • A lightweight, velvety cleansing milk that works to gently remove impurities and leaves skin feels perfectly soft, supple and comfortable
  • The Velvety Cleansing Milk ensures a perfect cleansing. Its neutral base leaves the skin permeable and supple, better prepared to receive a treatment. The skin is fresh and clear
  • This creamy cleansing milk perfectly removes make-up and impurities while remineralising the skin. A beautiful cleansing milk for all skin types with extracts of seaweed
  • A soft white milk. Never neglect the importance of an effective yet gentle cleanser. This milk contains lots of seaweed extracts plus special mild emulsifiers to gently remove dirt, pollution, make-up etc. it maintains the skins pH balance leaving it clean, refreshed and healthy
  • Morning and evening. Apply two pumps of the milk onto clean, dry hands and massage gently over the face and eye area. Rinse off with water or tissue off with cotton. Repeat the process if necessary