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Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Body Butter, Milk & Honey - Hydrating and Nourishing Shea Butter Moisturizer, 8oz

SKU: Swisa_2002-MH


  • Unique, Effective and High Quality Body Butter-Body Moisturizer.
  • For All Skin Types: Normal to Dry and Normal to Oily.
  • For All Seasons: Summer-Winter-Fall-Spring.
  • For All Weather: Hot-Cold-Dry-Humid.
  • This thick and creamy topical skin softener leaves your body silky smooth and refreshed. Shea butter remarkably restores elasticity to the skin while nourishing dehydrated cells through healthy anti-oxidant enriched emollients.
  • The combination of the Shea butter, dead Sea Minerals and vitamins from botanicals makes this product a blissful treat to your whole body.
  • Size: 8 oz.
  • For: Body
  • Fragrances: Pineapple Mango - Eternity - Milk and Honey - Unscented
  • Directions: Apply liberally to the entire body as often as desired.


Swisa Beauty Face and Body Care products were designed using botanicals such as green tea, chamomile and calendula, and are carefully reviewed and chosen for their individual benefits to the skin. One process that makes these lines unique from others is that our botanical extracts are created within our own laboratory to ensure purity, quality and potency. Starting with the natural flower, root or leaf, each botanical is infused into a liquid base and mixed fresh into our formulations. No worries of aged or super-diluted botanical extracts that may be used in other brands.